5 trustworthy brands to shop for lab-grown diamonds

5 trustworthy brands to shop for lab-grown diamonds

When looking for diamond jewelry, things can quickly get overwhelming. Right from everyday jewelry to special rings and bands, purchasing a diamond piece is an investment. However, there is an option that will give buyers similar results but with a lower price point. Individuals might not immediately consider buying lab-grown diamonds, but it is a thought that needs attention. One will be paying less and have similar products, while also being sustainable.

5 places to shop for the best lab-grown diamonds

Grown Brilliance
Grown Brilliance exclusively works with lab-grown diamonds and has some of the best jewelry to offer. Its customers can decide to invest in a solo diamond or put together fine jewelry of their dreams. They can shop for diamonds based on clarity, cut, carats, shape, or size of the stone. The brand also has ready-to-ship jewelry pieces, right from everyday accessories to bands for engagements and weddings. Grown Brilliance is committed to its ethics and delivering quality products. When buying loose lab-grown diamonds from Grown Brilliance, individuals also receive certificates of authenticity from some of the most reputable organizations like GIA or IGI. Individuals can make the most of their Design Your Ring program. Additionally, they can enjoy benefits like a lifetime warranty and free shipping and returns.

Brilliant Earth
Brilliant Earth is a lab-grown diamond brand that is focused on providing sustainability and environment-friendly products. Originally an online jewelry platform, Brilliant Earth was one of the first to venture into the sector of lab-grown diamonds. They started in 2012, and by 2021, they were one of the most popular brands for lab-grown diamonds. Brilliant Earth is also among the first names to obtain the independent certification of Sustainability Rated Diamond. Every lab-grown diamond bought from Brilliant Earth comes with assurance of origin, ethical stewardship, climate neutrality, and responsible production practices. The label offers engagement rings, wedding bands, modern jewelry pieces, and colored stones to buyers. Also, expect benefits like free-30 day return period, free shipping, lifetime warranty, flexible payment options, custom designs, and more.

James Allen
A well-established online platform for purchasing lab-grown diamonds, James Allen has a variety of designs and stones to offer. One of the key features that can entice customers and assure them of their choice is the facility of a 360-degree view of the product. The all-around images can help customers better assess the piece of jewelry they are about to pay for. This feature lets customers have a comprehensive and detailed view of the product. James Allen has a reputation for transparency and quality, making it one of the most reliable brands. It also offers free international shipping and reasonably priced products, ensuring that customers do not have to reconsider their choices.

Vrai has a diamond foundry that exclusively works with lab-grown diamonds for their jewelry designs. It is located in the Pacific Northwest near the Columbia River, and it has a zero-emissions claim. The brand does not have any middlemen and directly deals with customers. It also has no price markups. Buyers can pick from their ready designs or choose a custom design to make their jewelry more special. Vrai offers its buyers certification and a complete warranty for their purchases. The starting price here can be as low as $145 and can go up based on the selected design, size, carat, and other details of the jewelry piece.

Blue Nile
Another reliable place to shop for lab-grown diamonds is Blue Nile. The online retailer offers a wide range of designs for lab-grown diamond jewelry, right from fine everyday pieces to wedding bands. The brand has a customer-first policy that educates buyers about diamonds and gives them clarity about the pricing of the stones they purchase. It is one of the best and most reliable places one can go to without the fear of quality compromise. Blue Nile gets their lab-grown diamonds graded by independent organizations that give retailers and customers a grade sheet to determine the stone’s quality. Shoppers can get jewelry pieces starting at as little as $350 when they shop from Blue Nile. They can also enjoy perks like jewelry insurance, free returns, free shipping, a diamond price guarantee, product warranty, and professional appraisals.

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