6 vital duties of a social security disability lawyer

6 vital duties of a social security disability lawyer

Those seeking Social Security disability benefits can find it challenging to follow the process on their own. In such situations, a Social Security disability lawyer can provide the necessary assistance. They will ensure the application is accurate since they have all the essential experience, knowledge, and wherewithal. The lawyer will advocate for their client’s rights at every step. In addition, these are some of the vital duties of a Social Security disability lawyer.

1. Review the case thoroughly
One of the first vital duties of a Social Security disability lawyer is to examine the case from the inside out. This is usually done during the initial consultation. They will consider the client’s disability condition, work history, and treatment history. In addition, they will check whether the client needs any additional medical tests to strengthen their case. Besides this, they will discuss the various laws, regulations, and rules applicable to the client’s case. This will help to understand whether the disability condition makes the client eligible for benefits. If yes, then which benefits can the client successfully claim in court?

2. Collect and document vital information
One of the main duties of a Social Security disability lawyer is to collect and document important information about their client. These include critical medical records and statements that qualified health professionals and other individuals have issued. Such detailed documentation and records are taken to strengthen the client’s case. Also, these can help an expert Social Security disability lawyer build a compelling story for the case and develop strategies to get a verdict in favor of the client.

3. Ease the application process for Social Security Disability Benefits
Usually, the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits can be quite overwhelming. Besides, the process can become daunting if any mistakes or errors occur in the application and it gets rejected. After all, not everyone has the expertise and experience to deal with the legalities involved in the application process. One may end up leaving out a document or a critical detail unknowingly. A Social Security disability lawyer must assist their clients in completing the application process without any hassles to avoid all these hassles. They need to provide necessary guidance and support to the client so that all the forms are filled out accurately, and no critical documentation is left out. In addition, the lawyer has to ensure that no deadlines are missed when filing the application, claims, or other hearing-related matters.

4. Take up cases that have been rejected at the initial level
Often, applicants find the application process for Social Security disability benefits quite complicated. So, they end up making mistakes and errors. This is why their application generally gets rejected. It has been observed that less than 40% of the total first-time applicants’ applications are approved at the initial levels. Therefore, when the first application has been rejected, the disability lawyer must take up the case. They need to file appeals against the denial of the application. By following the due process, they can help get the final approvals on the application.

5. Do continuous follow-ups with the Social Security Administration
The Social Security Administration has to deal with a multitude of cases daily. Therefore, there are often delays in processing all of the applications. It is imperative to do routine follow-ups regularly to ensure that one’s case gets approval at all levels on time. However, this can be quite a tedious process and often physically difficult, particularly when one is seeking disability benefits for themselves. This is where one of the important duties of a disability lawyer comes in. They will constantly contact the administration for updates on their client’s case. This will be done continuously until a conclusive decision is reached.

6. Represent the client in court
Another vital duty of a Social Security disability lawyer is to represent their client in court during disability hearings. Most of the time, the claims are approved during the hearing. These usually get done quickly and without any hassles. However, a client may sometimes want to file an appeal if the disability benefits are denied. In such situations, the Social Security disability lawyer has to accompany the client to court for the disability hearings and represent the case adequately.

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