Top 9 benefits of gut health supplements

Top 9 benefits of gut health supplements

Many experts believe several health conditions may directly or indirectly relate to the stomach. Gut health is essential to physical well-being, and the importance of having the right foods cannot be emphasized enough. But sometimes, the stomach and immune system need an additional boost, which can further improve digestion and maintain the body’s probiotic levels. In such cases, having gut health supplements entails several benefits for the stomach and digestive system.

1. Preventing and treating diarrhea
Bacterial or viral infections, food allergies, etc., usually cause diarrhea. Gut-health supplements usually contain probiotics, which have certain microorganisms such as yeast and healthy bacteria. These microorganisms help fight the diarrhea-causing germs and help recover from diarrhea more quickly.

2. Maintaining the stomach microbiome
Bacteria can be good or bad, and probiotics are packed with good bacteria. So, having gut health supplements can help restore the balance of gut bacteria, which boosts immunity and helps fight external agents like bad bacteria and viruses better.

3. Lowering cholesterol levels and enhancing heart health
The probiotics in gut health supplements have been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol levels. Specifically, if the supplement contains certain bacteria that produce lactic acid, they tend to break down gut bile, which is a naturally occurring cholesterol. When bile is broken down, probiotics prevent it from being reabsorbed and entering the bloodstream as cholesterol. The lower one’s LDL cholesterol levels, the lesser one’s chances of heart disease. This way, gut health supplements can lower cholesterol levels and protect heart health.

4. Controlling symptoms of ulcerative colitis
The symptoms of ulcerative colitis can be quite excruciating, characterized by severe pain and problems with bowel movement. Gut health supplements, specifically containing probiotics derived from the Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium strains, might help those in the early stages of ulcerative colitis, reducing their symptoms.

5. Boosting the immune system
The bacteria in probiotics can activate immune cells in the intestine and secrete healthy substances, which prevent pathogens from causing certain major health conditions. This way, gut health supplements can significantly boost one’s immune system, making the body strong enough to deal better with fever, colds, and other common illnesses.

6. Enhancing skin health
The skin is the body’s outermost layer and is constantly exposed to harmful external agents. Gut health supplements with certain probiotics, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, can help reduce UV ray damage and dryness and sag and restore the skin’s natural pH levels. These probiotics help increase skin elasticity, enhancing skin texture to a great extent.

7. Treating constipation
Just like gut health supplements may be effective for those with diarrhea, they also help treat constipation. Probiotics essentially increase bile salt metabolism in the body and reduce the colon’s pH levels, which improves involuntary muscle contraction and relaxation in the muscles lining the gastrointestinal tract, a process called peristalsis. This way, they help food move more smoothly through the digestive tract, helping treat constipation.

8. Reducing the symptoms of certain mental health issues
Although gut health supplements are no cure for mental health issues, they might help alleviate the symptoms of some of these disorders. For example, supplements with Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium can help manage anxiety symptoms and improve memory.

9. Burning abdominal fat
Burning abdominal fat is an essential part of losing some extra pounds. Probiotics, which prevent the intestines from absorbing excess fat, can help. Probiotics ensure that excess fat is excreted from the body rather than accumulating in the intestine. Although more research is required to find out how exactly probiotics help burn abdominal fat, they have been found to help in this respect.

Tips to choose the best gut health supplements
Here are a few tips to choose the best gut health supplements:

1. Check the ingredients carefully
It’s important to carefully check the ingredient list on gut health supplement bottles. First, this helps ensure that one doesn’t buy supplements with any harmful ingredients. Also, one can select gut health supplements with specific ingredients based on one’s needs. For example, as mentioned before, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium can help with skin problems and other health conditions. So, one can buy gut health supplements with certain specific ingredients based on the health issues one faces.

2. Check their regulation
Gut health supplements should be approved by authorized bodies, such as the FDA, so they are safe to consume. If the product has undergone third-party testing, it’s an added advantage.

3. Understand any potential side effects
Finally, certain gut health supplements may have side effects. Being prepared for such side effects and consulting a doctor beforehand is important.

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