4 timeless jewelry pieces every woman must own

4 timeless jewelry pieces every woman must own

Every woman, irrespective of age, uniquely expresses her fashion style. And accessories play an important role in the manner of expression. If you think that classic metal or gemstone jewelry is expensive or unsuitable for everyday use, it’s time to change your opinion. Some must-own timeless jewelry pieces can never go out of style. They instantly amp up your look no matter the outfit and garner eyeballs wherever you go. Make these exquisite jewelry options yours now.

Stud earrings
Stud earrings are dainty yet elegant pieces of jewelry. They fit quite well on the top of your ear, emitting the right amount of sheen. It has a singular point with a post that passes through the pierced ear, connected through a backing or a clutch behind the ear. The stud, the main part of the earning, can be made of bare metal like gold, silver, or platinum and/or hold a gemstone like a diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, coral, or pearl. The size of the stud and the type of stone could determine the price of the pair of earrings. While stud earrings made with precious stones can be expensive, you can opt for those affordable options with semiprecious stones like turquoise, rose quartz, or garnets. These exquisite and versatile baubles must be a part of your jewelry collection. Whether you pair them with chunkier pieces of necklaces for festive occasions or dainty bracelets for casual outings, you are sure to turn heads.

Pendant necklaces
A pendant necklace is a versatile piece of jewelry that can tone down or highlight your fashion style. You can choose an everyday necklace made of bare metal like tungsten, gold, sterling silver, white gold, titanium, or platinum. While some necklaces come with fixed pendants, some can be customized with your choice of charms or pendants. Short necklaces range between 10 and 24 inches, and long ones are typically about 25 inches. If you prefer a short necklace, you can add a diamond or a precious stone as a pendant that adds character to the neckpiece. Longer chains can be layered and worn for informal occasions. The most popular gemstone for pendants is diamond. However, you can also choose colored pendants with gemstones like emerald, agate, citrine, ruby, opal, ammolite, and quartz. You can also invest in a pearl necklace that can give you a classic look for formal or casual events. For an elegant appearance, buy earrings that complement the necklace or pick a complete jewelry set with a necklace and earrings. Popular jewelry stores like KAY Jewelers offer a diverse selection of necklace sets that are perfectly tailored for various occasions and cater to different tastes.

Tennis bracelets
Popularized by the iconic women’s tennis champion, Chris Evert, a tennis bracelet exudes its own charm. This piece of jewelry is quaint, exquisite, and light, and you can further accentuate them with elegant charms. It will complement any occasion, whether a black-tie event or a fun girl’s day out. Its versatility makes it a must-have, exquisite jewelry option for every woman. A tennis bracelet is made with diamonds or other precious stones and stands out when you wear it all by itself. If you prefer layering, you can pair it with other fashion bracelets, bangles, or a watch. Tennis bracelets go well with trousers, jeans, and elegant dresses. You can wear them as additional jewelry pieces with diamond stud earrings or statement necklaces. If you are planning to invest in a piece of new jewelry, you can get a pair of stud earrings and tennis bracelets with similar gemstones and wear them as a set. For example, you can buy a diamond tennis bracelet and a diamond stud earring, which allows you the freedom to wear them together or separately depending on the occasion. Apart from tennis bracelets, you can opt for other beaded, bangle, cuff, and pearl bracelets.

Stackable rings
Rings have been a woman’s staple jewelry option since time immemorial. Rings in any shape and form have to ability to look good on anyone’s hands. That said, they are not limited to just one. Stacking rings is the latest trend that allows you to mix and match different rings and layer them together on one finger for a stylish look. These stackable rings are popular as they can be a way of expressing your taste in fashion and style. You can create a stack of rings with more than one base metal. For example, a stack of white and yellow gold rings can add glamour and creates a positive aesthetic appeal. You can also invest in a ring with similar shades of gems or enamels. For example, you can buy different rings with gemstones in shades of green or yellow and stack them. You can invest in pre-set stacking rings, customize your design, or buy individual rings to create your stack. The number of rings you want to stack depends on your taste, but stylists agree that a stack of around three rings in two fingers creates the best aesthetics; opting for more can be an overkill.

Exquisite handmade jewelry options for a woman
Apart from the must-have stud earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, there are many exquisite jewelry options for women. Many designers and jewelers innovate and create brilliant pieces of beautiful and handmade jewelry. These are much sought after as they may make limited pieces, with each being unique. Some such unique handmade jewelry options for women include tiaras, ear cuffs, studded hairpins, hair rings, and hat pins, among others.

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