7 easy hairstyle ideas for women over 55

7 easy hairstyle ideas for women over 55

As one approaches a certain age, one may start to think about ways to remain youthful. Learning to age with style usually helps one stay positive as one grows older. One way for women to do this is to try different hairstyles, which could help them retain their youthful appearance without sacrificing their respected and gracious looks. Below are seven easy hairstyles for all women, including those over fifty-five.

Simple layered bob
A long bob is ideal for transitioning from longer to shorter hair. One must cut in some layers to introduce texture and bounce around the shoulder region to achieve the simple layered bob. Simple layered bobs are shorter at the nape of the neck and gradually increase in length towards the front to add texture, movement, and volume to the hair. This hairstyle can be customized to suit various face shapes and hair types. One can also wear it sleek and polished or tousled and carefree.

Wedged short style
A modern wedge style is among the top short haircut ideas for women over 55 with straight hair. The hairstyle may also work for women with thin hair and those with thick locks. The style brings a flair that resonates with words like “classy and mature.” The hairstylist will cut the back short with stacked layers while the front layers are long and wispy. Consider adding highlights to enhance the overall style.

Soft pixie cut
A soft pixie cut is a brilliant variation of a classic pixie cut. The hairstyle is characterized by longer hair on the top and sides, which gives it a softer and more feminine look. A stylist can recommend the most suitable length and layering based on the individual’s face shape and hair type. One can request layered or textured top layers to add movement and fullness to the hair.

Medium layered style with bangs
While a modern hairstyle has no restrictions, one should remember that moderately volumized short and medium hairstyles look better on mature women. Therefore, one could try a medium-layered look with bangs as soft highlights, which may suit them well.

Classic lob
The classic lob is a simple, easy-to-style cut, which works well for women who want to boost volume and introduce definition to their hairstyle. The length of a lob haircut could fall between the chin and collarbone. It might suit women with round or heart-shaped faces with broad cheekbones, foreheads, and pointed chins. One could ask the hairstylist to smoothen and straighten the front section to create a polished, sleek look or use the round brush to blow it out.

Styled very short bob haircut
This hairstyle for mature women, including those over 55, is a modern take on a classic short bob hairstyle. It can work for those with thin and thick hair types and those who are proud of their thick manes. The styled, very short bob hairstyle is cut short at the nape to enhance one’s neck length. The layered bangs can also be swept to the side of the face to complete the look.

Textured crop
This style might be ideal for women of any age, including those over 55. To achieve a textured crop, a hairstylist may cut the individual’s hair close to the head with varying lengths and angles. Doing so may create fullness, slight movement, and texture. The style is also a low-maintenance option and suits those with high cheekbones. A textured crop is usually paired with a slight fade on the back and side. However, if one does not prefer the combination, one could ask the hairdresser to craft a side-swept, blunt fringe with easy-to-manage layers.

Hair wigs
Apart from getting hair styled by a professional, one could also consider wearing a wig to enhance their look. A wig is also suitable for women concerned about their hair and how to cope with hair loss. A hair wig can be designed in various colors and lengths. The product’s hairline can be designed to look completely natural, such as with a lace-front or fringe wig. Women could speak to a hairstylist about using wigs to maintain their looks. The best part about wearing a wig is that one can pick from an assortment that makes them feel confident and comfortable.

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