7 tips to find the perfect lip balm

7 tips to find the perfect lip balm

Lip balms are often the first beauty products that most people experiment with. Acknowledging the importance of a good lip balm for the lips is important. So, perhaps one will agree that lip balm is one of the most essential items in one’s vanity. A nourishing lip balm can be a valuable investment for the lips. They can heal chapped lips and keep them moisturized. Lip balms also make the lips look plumper and healthier.

Tips to find the right lip balm
Here are a few tips to find the right lip balm:

1. Read the ingredients
Pick a lip balm that is sulfate- and paraben-free. Beyond that, there are plenty of lip balms with cooling properties. So, when one applies lip balm, it induces a cooling sensation. However, it is essential to avoid such lip balms, as they contain camphor or phenol. Some may contain menthol. These ingredients strip the skin’s protective layer, making the lips vulnerable and susceptible to environmental hazards. Always choose lip balms enriched with cocoa or shea butter. Beeswax is another good ingredient to include in lip balms. It forms an invisible shielding layer and has antibacterial properties.

2. Take note of the packaging
For the sake of the environment, one must consciously make an effort to adopt sustainable practices. One can do their bit by making small changes. For instance, when shopping for a lip balm, pick a product with plastic-free packaging. Some good brands offer small glass cases, and many are even reusable. So, once the product finishes, one can refill it with DIY lip care products. Lip balms also come in different packages, such as small jars, sticks, or tubes. Of these, it is recommended that stick variants be picked. One can apply them directly to the lips without using fingers.

3. Avoid matte lip balms
Like lipsticks, lip balms come in matte and gloss forms. However, it is best to avoid the matte ones, as they are formulated differently from the glossy variants. Some ingredients are common in most lip balms and lipsticks. These include pigment, oil, and wax. However, the ratio of these ingredients determines whether the lip balm is glossy or matte. A matte lip balm has less oil and more pigment and wax.

Consequently, it offers an opaque, rich tint with a deeper hue. They are also more long-wearing. But the matte lip balms have fewer added oils. Hence, they are drying on the lips. Upon regular use, they may settle in the crevices and cracks of the lips. Thus, we recommend using glossy lip balms.

4. Look for double-duty variants
Most love the traditional petroleum jelly. However, what can be better? How about a product that does the job of two at once? Picture a somewhat tinted rose lip balm. It can double as a blush highlighter and a gloss. Alternatively, one can pick a lip balm with a mint flavor. So, one can even use it as a breath freshener. When possible, choose products that cater to two demands at once.

Of course, the primary purpose of a lip balm is to prevent the lips from getting rough or chapped. However, it cannot be ignored that the lips are sensitive compared to the other parts of the face. So it is important to ensure that one does not settle on quality merely because a product serves the purpose of two for one.

5. Opt for a lip balm that locks in moisture
Moisture loss is an everyday issue, and more so for the lips. Reduced humidity in the air, especially during the winter, can result in chapped lips. Likewise, frequent sun exposure on hot, sunny days can also result in lip dryness.

Habitual licking is the most prevalent reason for chapped or dry lips. Saliva can also strip the lips of moisture, spiraling dryness out of control. So, how can one find the right lip balm? Look for a lip balm with jojoba oil, mango seed butter, and shea butter. These ingredients seal the moisture and help keep the lips smooth and supple.

6. Ensure it has SPF
Most people use lip balms to prevent their lips from getting rough or chapped. However, one cannot overlook the fact that they are sensitive. So, as one applies face sunscreen daily, the lips also need protection from the harsh sun rays. So, extend the same care to the lips. One can do this by investing in a lip balm that at least has an SPF of 10 or 15.

7. Ensure it suits one’s skin type
Pick a lip balm appropriate for one’s skin type. It can help avoid adverse reactions. For instance, people with sensitive skin must select hypoallergenic, fragrance-free products. On the contrary, if one has oily skin, pick a lightweight lip balm that does not feel heavy on the lips.

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