8 things to consider when choosing a pet fence system

8 things to consider when choosing a pet fence system

Many people prefer pet fence systems to keep their pets safe from running out onto the streets. However, the house is not the only place where one can use fences. Pet fence systems, especially wireless ones, help keep the pet from wandering too far while hiking through tricky terrain or in the wilderness. Since there are many options in the market, individuals should consider these eight things when choosing a pet fence system:

Wireless vs. wired e-fence
The wired e-fence is an in-ground system. Here, the wires are buried underground to create a boundary for the pet. Once done, the pet is given an e-collar that sends out signals when it tries to cross the boundary. Some components of a wired e-fence include underground wires, a wall-mounted transmitter, a receiver collar, training flags, a power adapter, and a receiver charger.

While a wireless e-fence works similarly, it does not have underground wires. Instead, the e-collar detects a radio signal that another device emits to form an imaginary circular boundary. After understanding how these fences work, pet parents can choose the best option.

Dog size
An essential factor to check when choosing a pet fence system is the e-collar. While all fencing systems have e-collars, one should ensure they fit nicely on their dog’s neck. The collar should not be too big or too small. Pet parents should check whether the collar has an adjustable strap, as it provides better comfort. Looking for a lightweight e-collar is also crucial, especially for smaller dogs that do not weigh too much, as they find it challenging to move about with the extra weight on their neck.

Stimulation level
When pets try to cross the fencing system, it sends a minor shock to their e-collar, prompting them to change their direction. It is vital to check whether the collar has different levels of static correction. Some may have just five, while others may have 30. Knowing which static level is sufficient for one’s dog is essential, so individuals should test these modes before committing to any e-collar. Apart from static correction, there could be other modes. For example, many e-collars also have a sound warning before the static correction so the dogs know they are too close to the boundary and must return to the safe space.

E-collars with rechargeable batteries are always better. Besides being cost-effective, they help save the environment because one can use the batteries longer.

As mentioned, the collar gives pets a mild shock when they cross the boundary. However, one should ensure the e-collar does not overstimulate the dog by continuing to provide static correction. Ideally, a safety timeout within the program should cut off the static correction within a few seconds. This feature helps communicate with the dog better and prevents them from feeling overwhelmed by the sensation.

Pet parents will need an e-fence that creates a boundary of the correct size. The size of the perimeter will vary depending on whether one wants to install the system in the yard in front of the house or in other spaces like outdoor terrain. Choosing an e-fence that covers a large area is important because it allows the dog to move freely. They do not have to worry about a short radius and can focus on enjoying the outdoors.

Installation process
Choosing a fencing system that is easy to install and use is critical. It should not have too many technical parts and complex features. The fence company should also give a proper product demo and let the user know how the system works.

Number of pets
Does the fencing system allow more than one pet within the boundary? This is a critical aspect that can influence one’s decision. If an individual has more than one pet, they need a much bigger space to roam freely. Otherwise, the pets will constantly be stressed. One will also need separate collars for each pet.

Pet parents should always work with a trainer to learn how to use a fencing system so that their pets respond positively and are safe. One should compare brands and choose an option only after thorough research. Deciding in haste can cause one to choose an option that does not work.

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